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 Last Chance! The Frenzy is about to start! DO NOT MISS OUT!

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PostSubject: Last Chance! The Frenzy is about to start! DO NOT MISS OUT!   Fri Jan 14, 2011 6:16 pm


Imagine if you was at the start of Kooday when the pirahna's were in a frenzy to buy keywords and cash was flying all over the place.

Well tagvillage are about to do the exact same! Tommorrow at 12pm CST their Tag Trading platform will be released and thousands will be logging in to spend their cash on Keywords. For the sake of a Big Mac Meal Deal you could be involved in social evolution and profit from day one! What are you waiting for? Do you not like money?

Sorry for being so blunt but time is of the essense in this matter as early funded members will have Tag trading exclusively for a period of one week before the tens of thousands of free and funded members that come after.

I can not stress enough how this can change your life!

My Invitation for you to join me and my Team is open until tommorrow at 11:59 am CST.

L Hardy
Kooday Diamond
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Last Chance! The Frenzy is about to start! DO NOT MISS OUT!
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