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 Is kooday dead and gone?

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Is kooday dead and gone? Empty
PostSubject: Is kooday dead and gone?   Is kooday dead and gone? EmptyMon Jun 27, 2011 1:19 pm

Does anyone has news here?????
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Is kooday dead and gone? Empty
PostSubject: It was a scam from the start! This is from koodayonline.com   Is kooday dead and gone? EmptyWed Jun 29, 2011 11:05 pm

There is little doubt that Kooday will not be what it once promised to be. In fact recent revelations have come to hand that seem to point towards Kooday being a scam from the very start. Now it is very hard to substanciate anything really because there is no real information about the real ownership and legal documents on the site. In fact not many online sites do have full disclosure but those that do you can count on to be very legitimate opportunities to be involved in. To give an idea of how rare it is to have all this information there is only two sites I am involved with that really does well in this area and another two sites that have about half the detail.

Back to Kooday, I have many people ask me what is happenning with Kooday and I have also seen several people have signed up for this newsletter recently. I assume that is more because they want to know what is going on. The other possibility is they are new members. If any of you are I would strongly suggest reading through recent posts on the site to understand what has been going on.

Alright a few things I have heard recently but cannot back them up as fact, or disprove them.
Rumour 1: Mark is actually Brian Lindbacks brother
This really doesn't matter even if it is true in my opinion.

Rumour 2: Mark was also scammed by all of this and has lost a lot of money he invested.
This is feasible. I remember Mark talking about this being his retirement plan. He certainly was a big part of it and it would not surprise me if true. If he now found it was a scam though I would have hoped he would come clean and let others know.

Rumour 3: There has never been a development crew working on the search engine
Mark certainly had contact with the owner but never really had any good technical information, only general information and that always seemed to not eventuate anyway. The original site was just a script and eeven the winshare changes were not a stretch to implement. In reality it has often been said that the site looked very amaturist. For only a few hundred dollars a developer could have made massive improvements on the site in a short space of time. One must wonder given the money Kooday made why no significant improvement was ever made.

Rumour 4: Kooday has no money
While that statement seems understandable the real fact is that Kooday is not making money now and hasn't been for several weeks. If Kooday made 10c for every trade then it would have made about $5,000 since the start of November to now. That is around $200 a day. While for most of us that would be a great income it obviously is not enough to pay the withdrawals that are pending.

I think considering that last point I should say something. On occassions I have heard people say or ask if they should spend more money to help Kooday out. Now although to some people that may seem stupid, there were people who truely believed it might help.Unless there were thousands doing the same it would not really make much difference.

The only activity that has come from Kooday has been that some transactions disappeared, it looks as though they deleted around 25,000 transactions from the database. The update stating there would be news this week was also removed from the site. No profit share was credited to members accounts for the 3rd straight week. Even withdrawals did not move from pending to processed.

It honestly looks like the end and many people have stated that already. Even now though there are people very defensive of Kooday and it is very difficult to understand why. Maybe they just do not want to believe the facts. As much as I would love to think they could be right the facts just do not support them.

I have people criticise me about me being against Kooday which really is not true at all. They say it is just my opinion but that is a bit like being on the bow of the Titanic when it is already 99% underwater and saying it could still be ok.

So for those that do feel they have been scammed, although there is not a lot you can do about it, if you have a winshare subscription you could try to get that back through Alertpay. That is probably the only money you could get back and only subscription from the last 30 days. If you have a subscription you might be able to get that. Check on Alertpay for details on how to do it.

If you still hold hope for Kooday you could continue your subscription but that is your choice and I would advise against it given the circumstances.

I really hate saying this stuff about kooday but I also would hate for people to continue to donate money into a scam. It is very easy to add money later if things came good but impossible to get money back if the scam remains that way.

Here is an example of how a company does a good job of being transparent. Have a look at this page Corporate Info I do not know of another that gives out such a good info about who is behind it.

Well this has been a long email. I do appreciate you taking the time to read it. I will keep you informed of any updates and from time to time opportunities that come up that are worthwhile. There is one taking off if you want to look that is in prelaunch. Cheap but going very viral right now New Business going viral
It is in prelaunch for about another week then launching with $10 one time cost. So it is low risk, potential is very good to make some decent money back from it.

Keep your head up

David Newman
Skype: aussie_striker
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Is kooday dead and gone? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Is kooday dead and gone?   Is kooday dead and gone? EmptySun Jul 03, 2011 7:26 am

Yes that was my post on my blog...or was it to my newsletter subscription...one or the other. I try to give out the best info I can. It is unfortunate the way things have gone but there have been some good that has come out of it all.
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Is kooday dead and gone? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Is kooday dead and gone?   Is kooday dead and gone? Empty

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Is kooday dead and gone?
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