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 Important Information for Kooday Members!!

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PostSubject: Important Information for Kooday Members!!   Sun Sep 12, 2010 12:33 pm


Posted this here incase anyone has not read!!from Kooday profits on facebook!

Kooday Profits The contents of this discussion are not "official" or approved for release by the Owners/Managers at Kooday. However, I want to share them with the community here on Facebook because I feel they are very important for those who have spent so much time buying/selling words.

I happen to be very close friends with a few very powerful business people with connections. Because of my relationship with these people, I am aware of certain conversations being held and certain workings happening in the industry.

I am really not authorized to discuss this information on this forum, nor is any of the information "official". The information I am about to share is directly taken from communication with the owners/managers of Kooday and communications between some of my very wealthy, powerful friends in the industry and Kooday and others in the Search Industry. It is important, and should be known by those who are working so hard to make Kooday a success.

This information is not being made public by Kooday. As a matter of fact, some of it may be denied by Kooday as "unofficial" or "heresay" if they were approached regarding such. But, I feel it is my duty to help those who are giving their own hard earned money and time to support this fledgling Internet start-up.

Here is a list of the topics that will be discussed at length below:

1. A bit of history on Kooday as a company
2. Kooday technology and search engine and corporate espionage
3. Kooday marketing plan and Snap-shot Bonus
4. Paypal and Alertpay fiasco
5. Solutions Kooday is working on

*A Bit of Kooday History*

Kooday is a start-up company that was envisioned about 2 years ago by a man named Brian Lindback. Brian had an awesome idea for the concept of allowing people to buy/sell keywords and own real estate within a search engine. He also had a unique idea for a search technology that would be incredibly powerful and very useful for the average person searching the Internet.

However, Brian had a bit of a past. As a tinkerer and creative thinker, Brian had tried, and failed with a few ideas in the past. He had launched some other projects before that failed and were accused by many of being a scam. Yes, while some of the failed ventures may have resulted badly for many people, and yes, while the implementations of them may not have been researched fully, and therefore classified by some as a scam, I do not believe it was Brian's intent to scam people. Instead, I feel Brian is a creative person with a mission to develop a money-making, and helpful venture for people to enjoy and profit. But, in the life of tinkerers and creators, failure tends to result more often than success.

Brian's Kooday idea, however, had a fortunate turn of events. It was an excellent idea. And the search technology was an excellent concept. Because of this, it attracted the support of some intelligent, "legitimate" business men and some very good programmers. So, 2 years ago, Kooday was born. And for the past 2 years, the company has been secretly developing an amazing search technology, advertising technology, and platform for everyday people to share in owning the keyword "real estate" on the Internet.

*Kooday Technology and Search Engine and Corporate Espionage*

After Kooday launched their Beta program, there were some instant problems the company had to deal with. When the company launched the Beta, they fully expected about 10,000 to 20,000 members to join and participate in the Beta over a 3 month period. Instead, over 35,000 people joined during the first month. Also, they expected the average person to buy about $20 to $50 in Kooday Dollars. Instead, hundreds and thousands of people started buying $100, $500, even $1,000 amounts. This posed 2 very critical problems. First, the membership and activity levels were expanding faster than expected and required server upgrades and software upgrades, and technical support faster than expected. Second, the payment processor, Paypal, was not allowed a good enough amount of time to begin to "trust" the Kooday model and they froze Kooday's funds.

So, in response to these and many other issues, Kooday's members and the nay-sayers on the Web were growing restless and causing a lot of "bad press". Kooday had to respond and so they took important programmers off the technology development process and moved them into Paypal/Alertpay development as well as "technical support". They also had to recruit a few people to help with technical support emails, telephone calls, and other things that were required to help the growing number of impatient and frustrated members. They also had another problem. With their money frozen at Paypal, they could not access it to pay bills, hire and pay new technical support personel or even spend it on the development of their technology or expansion of servers and software speed.

Therefore, Kooday did what it had to do. They pulled important people off the software development project, had Mark begin speaking on conference calls, and set up a secondary payment processor called Alertpay. This process set them back about 2 weeks in software development. Also, they had to make a critical move they really did not want to make. Thousands of impatient members were flooding them with emails, support tickets and phone calls. So, they had to hire people to help deal with these issues. In the process of hiring new individuals, their privacy and secrecy surrounding their software was penetrated. Somehow, within the 2 week period of dealing with too much growth too fast, an inside mole or someone closely related to Kooday stole their technology and got it to Google. Kooday has always been a very private and secret company, even in their Beta. This was for the purpose of protecting the development of a new software that is amazing!

2 days ago, Google released the technology Kooday has been developing for the past 2 years. If you go to Google right now and search for something, you will see a new feature. Google starts showing you results from the first second you start typing. This is the technology Kooday was hoping to reveal to the world between September 22 and October 22. Unfortunately, now their technology is already out there and functioning on Google. What a nasty, hurtful thing for Google to do. Yet, they are HUGE and powerful and have the money and programmers to take an almost complete software and finish it before the original creators could complete it. Now, Google will say they have been working on this for years, and they even put up a thrown together YouTube video about that fact. But if you look at the pages about the development of this software, and watch the YouTube video, you can tell Google threw it together overnight.

So, Kooday will not be able to release this amazing software and have a "unique" search presence in the industry. However, I do not think this destroys the Kooday opportunity. In reality, even if Kooday had released their technology first, other search engines would have copied them quickly, most likely within weeks because they are well funded and have enough programmers in their systems to hack Kooday's technology and release their own versions. Kooday's competitive edge still remains. The competitive edge for Kooday is not how the search works, but rather the fact that they allow their members to share in the wealth of owning keyword real estate. This is what will eventually drive Kooday to the top. Guys, you can still buy and sell keywords, and you can still share in the advertising revenues once the search engine launches.

*Kooday Marketing Plan and Snap-shot Bonus*

When Kooday began developing their search technology and business plan 2 years ago, they also started developing their marketing plan. They at first thought about a traditional plan with advertising, television, radio, print, and news PR. They also thought about the fact that many things grow fast, and a lower cost, when they grow virally online. So, they envisioned a "viral marketing" plan that would come from a Beta phase. They also realized this would help them solve another cost problem. The programmers said they would need a "typing test" phase toward the end of software development to build a database of natural typing of searchers in order to finalize the predictive search measures of this amazing new technology. So, to kill 2 birds with 1 stone, Kooday created the idea of a Beta phase where people could start the buying/selling of keywords before the search engine launched. This phase would do 2 things. First, it would provide a "free" natural typing test phase for the software developers. As people bought (or searched for) keywords, they could learn their natural typing processes in real time. Second, they could build a cult following from which to launch the viral marketing plan when the search engine launched.

So, let's say Kooday estimated $1 Billion for the value of software development market testing and the traditional advertising and promotion of the site over the first few years. This is a lot of money that could be paid out in one-time bonuses. And, if they could pay out a lot of bonuses to 10,000 or 20,000 people, they would have a natural ARMY of people promoting the site when the search launched! Imagine if about 100 people got anywhere from $1 million to $5 million, and a few hundred people got between $100,000 and $500,000, and tens of thousands of people got between $1 and $50,000 as a one-time bonus! This would create a rippling effect that would attract tens of thousands of new members weekly. People would be posting on their Facebook pages things like "I got $150,000 for using Kooday for 3 months!". Posts like that would be worth millions of dollars more than some radio or television ad.

However, there is a problem. And Kooday is struggling with the ethical thing to do. Over 35,000 people have joined Kooday. And, Mark has already said on many occassions that Kooday will do the snap-shot sometime around September 22. However, Kooday already has too many Diamonds, Golds and PSC people for the one-time payout budget. The money they allocated for the one-time payout is not enough to cover the actual bonuses that will be needed. People are joining too fast and getting to Gold and Diamond too fast. Kooday is happy about this, but worried that they will have to comit way more funds to the snap-shot and it could hurt their financial future (which also hurts the financial future of the members). So they are struggling with an ethics decision. Should they do the snap-shot now and prevent huge financial crisis later? Or should they stay true to their word of September 22 and risk owing another $1 Billion to members than they expected and risk the inability to pay it back in a timely manner, or even at all? Mark is troubled with this because he doesn't want to think he lied to people when he said September 22. Also, Kooday realizes the tendancy for people to call it a scam or point out anything that feels like a scam. So, having to take the snap-shot early would cause bad press they do not need. Personally, I think we should all call Kooday and leave a voice mail asking them to take the snap-shot now and not to worry about it! We are happy they are growing faster than expected!

*Paypal and Alertpay Fiasco*

When Kooday launched they told Paypal they expected about 10,000 to 20,000 new members over a 3 to 4 month period. They also said they expected the average person to deposit about $20 to $50 into their accounts. So, paypal set up collateral agreements with Kooday to suffice that level of credit card activity. Then, Kooday launched. 30,000 people joined in 4 weeks and thousands were depositing amounts in the $ hundreds and $ thousands. So, Paypal froze Kooday's accounts and wouldn't let Kooday withdraw needed profits to operate.

Kooday went to Alertpay for a solution. They told Alertpay the troubles they had with Paypal and they predicted another 10,000 to 20,000 members during Beta and said maybe these people would put in up to $1,000 on average. So, Alertpay set up collateral agreements with Kooday to suffice that level of credit card activity. Then, Kooday launched the Alertpay system. Thousands of new members have flocked in. However, there is a new problem. Some existing members are moving VERY LARGE amounts of money in through Alertpay, and some new members are joining with VERY LARGE deposits. As a matter of fact there have been some deposits over $10,000 even $50,000 even $100,000 in the past week. So, now Alertpay is pausing Kooday's accounts. They are not freezing them like Paypal did, but they are giving Kooday some struggles. This is why the payout button has dissapeared. Alertpay is not allowing Kooday to make payouts because of the amount of money moving through Kooday's accounts in the past week.

These types of things scare credit card processors because they have to track and report these funds to the government and they are liable for refunds for up to 6 months with Visa and Mastercard and even up to 1 year with American Express. Alertpay and Paypal do not want to be liable if massive numbers of people asked for a refund 6 months from now and Kooday had already spent the money. So, Kooday is now working on solutions with Alertpay for this problem. Basically, the problem is Kooday is too successfull too fast. At least Alertpay is still at the table trying to help out, unlike Paypal who just froze the accounts and bailed.

*Solutions Kooday is Working On*

1. I am close to some very wealthy and very powerful people in the industry. I know for a fact that Kooday has gone to some individuals and secured some very large, multi-million dollar investments into Kooday and has asked these people for letters of credit and collateral to secure banking and credit card processing situations with Alertpay and possibly even Paypal in the future.
2. Kooday is considering launching the search engine earlier than planned. The software is ready, but they have an ethics issue with the members.
3. Kooday is considering doing the snap-shot early. Again, they have an ethics issue.
4. Kooday is developing TV, News PR, Radio, and Print marketing even though they didn't want to go this route. These marketing programs will "hit the air" the day the search engine launches.

I will post more as I learn more. Guys, I think Kooday is legit. I think they are working very hard to overcome some very big mountains. I think they have the best interest of their members at heart. And, I think they are going to be a HUGE success. If I were you, I would quit crying, quit bombarding them with tedious emails and phone calls, and let them get the software out there! We need the search engine, and we need Kooday to be successful! We don't need to hog tie them with our petty complaints and bickering. They are a fledgling Internet start-up. They are working really hard. I have been told there are people working 18 to 20 hour days, 7 days a week, trying to make this site successful FOR YOU! Give them a break! Let them rest and relax and enjoy some success! They deserve it! They even risked corporate espionage from Google in order to try to appease the whining whims of people who were frustrated because they didn't get their $0.10 word without a " " in front cause they accidentally typed it wrong. REALLY? Is your $0.10 word so important that they had to lose a multi-million dollar technology and 2 years of hard work? Come on! Lets help them be successful! After all, if we work hard for them and buy a LOT of words and we tell our friends good things about them, and we bring positive energy into the picture, good things will happen for all of us.
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PostSubject: Re: Important Information for Kooday Members!!   Mon Sep 13, 2010 4:13 pm

Thanks for posting this. It explains a lot and at least now we know what's going on.

I appreciate your posting this more than you may ever know.

We all know that Google and Paypal THINK they own the internet and the people on it. That's why we ALL need Kooday to be successful.

China rebuffed Google and their controlling ways and when Kooday gets up there, maybe somehow we can drive google to where they deserve to be.

What goes around, comes around and Kooday shall have it's day when the
'google crumbs" are being taken away by their own maggots.

As of now, we don't have much choice other than to use google. Paypal always bails and freezes accounts. I've never experienced troubles with them, but, know of many who have.

Alertpay is much more easier to contact, speak with and work with.

I think that they should take the snapshot ASAP. I just wish they could somehow
let us know what's going on. Lack of communication, such as it has been, gets the naysayers started and yelling scam. As experience has taught me, this is usually the first sign of a company splitting with the member's money. Before one knows it, the site is down and never comes back again.
Your post, providing it is in fact, fact, may have saved the Kooday Opportunity Dream for many of us. With all the money we have invested in Kooday, I'm all for getting this snapshot taken and having the ability to get some much needed funds into our hands.

Too bad we can't put a "Freeze" on the bills coming in or their collectors.

There is a new pay processor that is in beta and expected to do a full world-wide launch in the next few months. They are even paying $50 to promoters accounts just for signing up and sharing. Plus a $5 commission for each referral.

They have a few other ways to make money also.
Will they be the next Paypal ( i hope NOT Wink , but, my account is already up to $97 as of early this morning. I haven't actually seen the money yet, so who knows how that will go, but, at least I've NOT spent a penny to get to this level.

I won't put the link in here, since I think that's against the rules & I don't spam people anywhere. Should anyone want to look at this, just PM me or post your request in this thread.
thanks again, aftrusoon Smile
Have A Kooday Monday!
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PostSubject: Re: Important Information for Kooday Members!!   Mon Sep 13, 2010 5:38 pm

Thanks for this info. I understand if they have to take snapshot early, even though it means I won't get to diamond.

We have all invested and we need to support Kooday, not gripe ad moan when things don't go right.

As with any business things do go wrong, but I think as long as we all stand behind Kooday then we will all be winners.

As for Google well it doesn't suprise me the lengths they will go to to try and stop Kooday or any other search engine

Has anyone tried searching Yahoo or Kooday in the Google keyword research tool, they don't show as having any searches, somehow I don't believe them

Carol Mad
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PostSubject: Re: Important Information for Kooday Members!!   Sat Sep 25, 2010 9:22 am

Thanks for posting this information. Whether 100% true or not, it's helps one to stay "centered" and observe the day-by-day process.
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PostSubject: Re: Important Information for Kooday Members!!   

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Important Information for Kooday Members!!
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